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Restoring a System Image
Figure 4-4: Create a system image.
Restoring a System Image
In the event you ever need to restore your backup system image, you need to
boot up into the System Recovery Console I covered earlier in this chapter. You
can do that by pressing the F8 key right after the POST and after you turn on
your computer, and selecting Repair My Computer. Alternatively, you can use
the custom-made System Recovery Console Boot CD/DVD/USB that I showed
you how to make.
After you load the System Recovery Console, follow these steps:
1. Attach the external hard drive on which you stored the backup image.
2. Boot to the recovery media.
3. Select your keyboard layout if asked.
4. Click Troubleshoot.
5. Click Advanced Options.
6. Select System Image Recovery. The Re-image Your Computer utility loads
and searches for your backup files.
7. Pick the Select A System Image option and click Next. All backup locations
discovered display, so you can connect to a network location as well.
8. Select a backup location to restore from and click Next. Alternatively, if
you want to restore from a backup on a network location, click Advanced
and then Search For A System Image on the network. Connect to your
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