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Using Reset Your PC
Figure 4-5: Choose Refresh Your PC to refresh your system files.
4. You may be asked to provide the Windows install DVD or recovery media
provided by your manufacturer. When you insert the media, it is
automatically detected and moves you to the next step if it is the correct media.
5. Click Refresh on the confirmation screen, and the refresh begins.
Your computer restarts a few times and then displays your logon screen when
the refresh is completed. After you log in, all of your Windows Store apps are
reinstalled automatically. A file called Removed Apps.html is placed on your
desktop, listing all of the traditional desktop apps that were removed.
Using Reset Your PC
Reset Your PC is the more destructive of the two new recovery features because
it blows away all of your personal files, apps, and settings. Using Reset Your
PC is equivalent to a clean DVD install that restores everything on your PC to
default factory condition.
1. Open the Start screen, type Remove Everything , and change the search
filter to Settings.
2. Select the Remove Everything And Reinstall Windows option.
3. Click Next on the Reset Your PC screen, as shown in Figure 4-6.
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