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Using Reset Your PC
Figure 4-6: Resetting your PC lets you start with a fresh install as though the PC
just came from the factory.
4. You may be asked to provide the Windows install DVD or recovery media
provided by your manufacturer. When you insert the media, it is
automatically detected and moves you to the next step if it is the correct media.
5. On the Do You Want To Fully Clean Your Drive screen, select Just Remove
My Files. The Fully Clean The Drive option is only for situations when
you want to securely wipe your data off the PC. That is helpful if you
want to sell your PC and ensure all your private data is removed securely.
Securely erasing files is much more time-consuming than just replacing
files, so the first option is sufficient for resolving issues.
6. Click Reset on the confirmation screen.
Your computer restarts a few times and then presents you with the Windows 8
license terms when the reset is completed. You need to set up your user accounts,
settings, and apps again just like the first time you started using Windows 8.
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