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Chapter 5: Customizing the Startup
Customizing the Startup
Windows 8 has a great new look, but after a while, the new look can get old.
With the help of some cool tools and tricks, you can customize many
components of Windows 8.
This chapter guides you through customizing the lock screen.
You can customize this screen in several ways. For example, you can change
the user picture and various settings that enable you to increase your privacy
and the behavior of the lock screen. I even show you how to change the default
lock screen and tweak the color scheme.
Customizing the Lock Screen
Windows 8 includes a very different logon screen, now called the lock screen per
Microsoft terminology. The new lock screen replaces the previously revamped
screen in Windows Vista and the classic NT–style logon screen that many domain
users are familiar with (because it was included in the last several releases of
Windows up to XP).
Windows 8 continues to use the secure logon system that first appeared in
Windows Vista that requires all logon components to be digitally signed by
Microsoft. If any of the logon files are modified, the digital signature is destroyed
and you will no longer be able to log on. This prevents malicious software from
hijacking the logon process, but it also makes it next to impossible for people
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