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Hiding Users on the Lock Screen
Maybe you have a secret user account that you don’t want anyone to see. With
the help of a simple registry tweak, it is possible to hide any account on the lock
screen so no one will know it exists.
Hidden away in the registry is the feature that Microsoft used in the past to
hide system accounts from the lock screen. In the next few steps, I show you
how to re-create the missing registry code so that you can use this feature again
to hide your accounts:
1. Open the Start screen, type regedit in the Search box, and then press Enter.
2. When the Registry Editor loads, navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_
MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Windows NT, CurrentVersion, and
3. You must now create a new key. Right-click the Winlogon folder, select
New, and then select Key. Name this new key SpecialAccounts .
4. Right-click the new SpecialAccounts key, select New, and then select Key.
Call this new key UserList .
5. Now you are ready to add the name of the account that you want to hide.
To add a name, right-click and select a new DWORD (32-bit) value, as
shown in Figure 5-3.
Figure 5-3: Use the Registry Editor to add another DWORD value for the name of the
account that will be hidden on the lock screen.
6. When the new DWORD is created, enter the name of the user’s account
as the name of the DWORD. After you have done this, you can close the
Registry Editor.
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