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Enabling Num Lock by Default
Figure 5-5: You can display a security message on your Windows 8 lock screen.
Enabling Num Lock by Default
If you have a password that has both numbers and letters and you frequently
use the number pad to enter part of your password, this hack is for you. I
cannot count the number of times that I started to type my password and was
then presented with a logon error telling me that my password was incorrect.
I would sit there staring at the screen for a second before I realized that Num
Lock on my keyboard was not on.
This is a great hack for every desktop computer with a full-size keyboard and
a separate number pad. Turning on Num Lock by default on a laptop is not a
good idea because most laptops do not have a separate number pad. The result
of enabling this feature on a laptop is that almost half your keyboard functions
as the number pad. To get started, follow these steps:
1. Open the Start screen, type regedit , and press Enter.
2. When the Registry Editor loads, navigate through HKEY_USERS,
.DEFAULT, Control Panel, and Keyboard.
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