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Tweaking Default Color Scheme
4. Click a new image from the default options or click Browse and select a
custom image.
Your new lock screen is active immediately.
Tweaking Default Color Scheme
If you are tired of the default color scheme on the logon and logoff screens
you can change it just like you can change the rest of the new interface. The
Windows logon process determines which color scheme to display by reading
a value in the registry. Microsoft did not write a GUI to make it easy for you to
change the settings, but you can do it within Registry Editor.
To make this change, you set the value of the Accent setting. The value
corresponds to a predetermined color scheme set by Microsoft. You have 25 options
to choose from, as shown in Figure 5-7. Because this topic is in black and white
and picking colors in black and white is difficult if not impossible, I have hosted
a color copy of the graphic online at .
Figure 5-7: Windows 8 provides color choices.
1. Open the Start screen, type in regedit , and hit Enter.
2. When the Registry Editor loads, navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_
MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Explorer,
and then Accent.
If Accent does not exist on your system, create it by right clicking Explorer,
and then select New and Key.
3. Create a new DWORD by right-clicking Accent and then DWORD (32-bit)
4. Name the new DWORD DefaultColorSet.
5. Right-click the new DefaultColorSet entry and select Modify.
6. Switch the Base to Decimal by selecting Decimal on the Edit DWORD
(32-bit) Value window.
7. Enter the corresponding value between 0 and 24 for the color scheme you
want and click OK.
8. Reboot your PC to see the new color scheme.
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