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Customize Lock Screen Apps
Customize Lock Screen Apps
The new lock screen displays a picture but has the capability to do much more.
In fact, many popular Windows Store apps can display information on the lock
screen. Notification of new messages or the current weather conditions are some
of the neat options you have. As the Windows Store continues to grow, there
will be even more options in the future.
Microsoft allows one spot on the lock screen to display detailed information
next to the current time, and seven spots for notifications. Follow these steps
to modify the apps on your lock screen:
1. Open the Start screen and type Lock screen .
2. Click the Settings filter.
3. Click Lock Screen.
4. Scroll to the bottom to view the Lock Screen Apps section.
5. To change an option, just select one of the boxes. The Choose An App
menu pops up displaying all available apps for that spot. If you don’t
want to show any, select Don’t Show Quick Status Here.
Using a Picture Password
New to Windows 8 is the capability to set touch points on a photo as your
account password. This is an innovative method for logging on to your computer
without using a keyboard. Instead of typing in a password, you touch or click
a person’s face, hand, and some object in the background of a picture. You can
choose which picture you want to use and determine where you touch or click.
Picture passwords are perfect for touch devices but they also work on
traditional PCs with a simple mouse.
Setting a picture password is easy and fun, so let’s get started:
1. Open the Start screen and type picture password .
2. Click the Settings filter.
3. Click Create Or Change Picture Password.
4. Under Sign-In Options, click the Create A Picture Password button.
5. Enter your current password when asked.
6. Click Choose Picture and select a picture on your PC.
7. On the confirmation screen, select Use This Picture.
8. Then touch or click three parts of the picture per the on-screen directions.
9. Repeat where you touched or clicked to confirm your picture password.
10. Click Finish.
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