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Enable PIN Logon
Your picture password has now been set up. Hit Windows Key+L to lock
your computer to test it out.
Enable PIN Logon
If a picture password is not for you, the PIN logon most likely is. I use this as the
logon method on all my devices because it is quick and easy. Instead of typing in
a password, just key in a four-digit PIN and you will be logged in immediately.
1. Open the Start screen and type PIN .
2. Click the Settings filter.
3. Click Create Or Change PIN.
4. Under Sign-In Options, click the Create A PIN button.
5. Enter your current password when asked.
6. Next, enter your PIN twice and click Finish.
The new PIN is active immediately. You can switch between using a password
or a PIN on the logon screen by clicking Sign-In Options and then selecting the
icon for the sign-in method you want to use, as shown in Figure 5-8.
Figure 5-8: The lock screen offers sign-in options.
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