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Boot To Desktop
Boot To Desktop
One of the more controversial changes in Windows 8 is the behavior after you
log in. Instead of viewing the desktop, users are shown the new Start screen.
If you want to view the desktop you must select the Desktop tile. Microsoft is
trying hard to promote the new windowless immersive environment and that
has rubbed some users the wrong way.
Adding fuel to the fire, Microsoft blocked the easy methods to change
this behavior and go directly to the desktop after logon in the final builds of
Windows 8. The only method that remains requires third-party software to
work around the limitations imposed by Microsoft.
I spent a lot of time investigating how to solve this problem and ended up
writing a free utility called Boot to Desktop. My utility has two
main components. The first part is a tiny service that runs in the background and
monitors for when the logon event happens. When that is detected, it launches
a second component under the user context that does the leg work of showing
the desktop. The solution is rather complex, but was necessary to get around
the limitations imposed by Microsoft.
Using my utility is very simple. Just download it from and
install it. After a reboot you will boot directly to the desktop.
If you change your mind, you can uninstall the utility just like any
application and you will revert to the Start screen behavior.
You can think of this first customizing chapter as the first step in the complete
customization of every possible aspect of your Windows 8 install. You started
with tweaking the way the logon screen behaves and then made some major
changes to the look by changing the lock screen.
The next chapter helps you customize the user navigation components of
Windows 8. First, you learn all about customizing the Start screen. Then you
learn how to customize the next most used component of Windows—the taskbar.
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