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Customizing the Start Screen
Customizing the Start Screen
Completely revamped for Windows 8, the Start screen enables you to search your
programs and jump directly to various components of Windows. Additionally,
you can launch commands much as you could in the traditional Run box by
just typing them in.
After you finish reading these next few sections, you will have transformed
your Start screen into something that works better for you and is much more
useful for your everyday tasks.
Changing the Background and Colors
Changing the background is one of the easiest customizations, but it makes a
big impact on personalizing your Windows 8 PC. You can use two methods to
customize the Start screen background: one using native functionality that limits
you to designs created by Microsoft, and another using third-party utilities to
use any image as the background image.
Native Background Personalization
Microsoft provides 20 different background images along with 25 different
color schemes. That means 625 possible combinations of each background and
color scheme are available. With that many combinations, the odds are in your
favor to find something that you like using the native personalization options.
Selecting your background image and color scheme is very easy in Windows 8:
1. Open the Start screen and type customize .
2. Click the Settings filter.
3. Click Customize Your Start screen.
4. Pick the background image you want to use, as shown in Figure 6-1.
5. Pick the color scheme you want to use.
As soon as you make the change, your settings are saved. The preview
window gives a nice simulated view, but I always like hitting the Windows Key to
check out the real deal.
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