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Working with Live Tiles
Figure 6-3: Windows 8 offers a Start Screen Customizer.
Working with Live Tiles
Tiles make up all the content on the new Start screen in Windows 8. Knowing
how to customize them will help you personalize your Windows 8 experience.
Over time as you install more and more apps, the Start screen can become
cluttered. Finding what you want becomes difficult and the result is a visual
mess. Windows 8 has some very useful organization tools built in, but they are
not always intuitive because Windows 8 puts a lot of options in hidden menus.
Adding or Removing Tiles
Anything that shows up in the Start screen application search can be pinned
to the main Start screen. An easy method to view all apps on your computer,
similar to the old All Programs menu in the old Start menu, is to open the Start
screen, right-click, and then select All Apps on the pop-up charms bar.
At that point just scroll until you find the application you want to pin and
right-click it. Then Select Pin To Start as shown in Figure 6-4.
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