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Working with Live Tiles
Figure 6-4: Pin an application to your Start screen.
Removing tiles is even easier. Simply right-click a tile on your Start screen
and select Unpin From Start.
Moving Tiles
Customizing the location of the tiles is one thing that Microsoft made easy in
Windows 8. With a mouse, just click and hold a tile and you can drag it
anywhere you want on the Start screen. With a keyboard, select a tile with the tab
key, then hold down Shift+Alt and use the arrow keys to move tiles around.
Grouping Tiles
After you install a lot of apps on your PC your Start screen will become cluttered.
Sorting your tiles into groups is absolutely necessary to keep your Start screen
organized and under control. You can arrange tiles in any number of groups and
you can label the groups. The process of creating groups is fairly straightforward.
Create a group by dragging a tile in one of the default groups to the left or right
of the current group. As you drag the tile out of a group, a new group indicator
displays as shown in Figure 6-5. Drop the tile on the vertical indicator and it is
placed in a new group. Next, just drop additional tiles into the group as necessary.
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