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Administrative Tools
Your new custom tile appears at the far right of your Start screen. Drag it to
where you want it and you are finished.
Third-Party Apps
I recommend two third-party tile creating apps that enable you to create more
customized tiles. Instead of just picking an icon to display on the tile, the apps
listed here let you select images and the colors of the tile:
Modern Tile Maker
Both tile creators are free utilities and are very simple to use. Just download
the utilities from the links, ill out the simple form, and your tiles are created.
There have been reports of the two apps conflicting with each other, so pick
just one and go with it.
Administrative Tools
The classic administrative tools that have been in every version of Windows in
the past decade are also part of Windows 8, but they are hidden by default. You
can display these utilities on the Start screen, but before I show you how, here
is a full list of what this tweak will enable on the Start screen:
Component Services
Computer Management
Defragment and Optimize Drives
Disk Cleanup
Event Viewer
iSCSI Initiator
Local Security Policy
ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)
ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)
Performance Monitor
Print Management
Resource Monitor
System Configuration
System Information
Task Schedule
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