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Opening a file
You can open fi les stored on your computer or network.
Click to use your
Default folders for
Click to use the
Open dialog
box to find
another folder,
disk, or location
Even select
on your
SkyDrive: Microsoft hosts SkyDrive cloud storage. When you create a Microsoft
account to sign in to Windows, your account automatically includes your own
SkyDrive storage. To take advantage of that storage from within Offi ce, sign in to
Offi ce with your Microsoft account information, and click your SkyDrive in the
middle list shown in Figure 3.8. If you have installed the SkyDrive for Windows
client application in Windows, that process sets up SkyDrive folders on your system
that automatically sync with your SkyDrive storage in the cloud, so you can access
those fi les from another computer or device if needed. Chapter 39 will show you
how to set up and use SkyDrive. You can jump ahead to that chapter if you want to
use SkyDrive in the near future.
As mentioned earlier, if you’ve downloaded a i le directly from the web, the Open list of places also includes an Other
Web Locations choice. Click it to see websites from which you’ve downloaded i les listed as Recent Folders at the
right. If clicking a folder doesn’t reconnect with the website as expected, right-click a choice and click Copy path to
clipboard. You can then paste the path into your web browser’s address bar and press Enter to return to the site from
which you downloaded the i le.
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