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Printing a File
the Close button closes the fi le and that instance of the Offi ce application. You also can
close the current fi le by clicking the File tab and then clicking Close. The keyboard
shortcut Alt+F+C will close the current fi le as well in some Offi ce applications.
If you haven’t saved your most recent changes to the fi le being closed, a reminder message
like the one shown in Figure 3.9 appears.
Click Save to save the fi le before closing it.
Printing a File
With the crisp, vibrant output produced by today’s cheap color printers, who would want a
paperless offi ce? Although the Internet and faster computer networks have made electronic
transmission a common and accepted means of sharing documents, many circumstances
still call for — if not require — that information be shared on paper:
Legal documents such as contracts that need to be signed, initialed, dated,
notarized, or otherwise stamped are still largely handled on paper. Standards for digital
signatures are still evolving, and most users still print a hard copy of a contract or
agreement for offi cial fi ling.
When a reader or viewer won’t have a computer or connection at hand and will need
to take notes, you need to provide a hard copy. For example, participants in
seminars typically don’t bring along a notebook and prefer to take their notes on a hard
copy of a presentation.
When you want to make a strong impression, hard copy is still preferred. Although
e-mail is increasingly accepted as a standard business practice for many
communications, sometimes it doesn’t measure up. For example, it might be acceptable to
e-mail a proposal to a potential new client, but hand-delivering a hard copy and
then following up by e-mail shows that you still care enough to make a personal
effort to get the business.
When you need a fresh perspective on a document, you can get it by working from
hard copy. Reading through a printed copy of a document can help you catch text
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