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Performing a basic preview and print
and formatting mistakes you previously missed, while also enabling you to make
additional notes and engage in proofreading tricks such as reading the document
When you want to provide a more constant, visible reminder, you need a hard copy.
Whether it’s putting up a fl yer at the grocery store about a found cat or giving
a recognition certifi cate to a valued volunteer, hard copy is still the only useful
With all the great documents you can create in Offi ce, you’fill be proud to publish and share
hard copies. This section explains how to set up and print your fi les.
This section on printing assumes that a printer is installed on your system or network, and that the printer is powered
on and has ample paper and ink or toner in it.
Performing a basic preview and print
Previewing and printing used to be separate operations in previous versions of Offi ce
applications. The Backstage view in Offi ce 2013 enables you to preview the printout and select
print settings, so you can adjust the document as needed without having to go back and
forth between the preview and a separate setup dialog box. You can preview and print the
document using the current settings for the printer with only a few mouse clicks if you
want to use the default print settings. (Note that when you download an online fi le, it
typically opens in Protected View, and you have to click Enable Editing in the Message Bar
to be able to work with and print it.)
Viewing a preview and printing the document is easy:
1. Click File Print. The Backstage view shows the preview and printing settings, as
shown in Figure 3.10.
2. Use the Zoom slider to adjust the preview zoom as desired. The Zoom slider
appears in the lower right of the preview. You also can use the Zoom Out and Zoom
In buttons at either end of the slider to adjust the view.
3. Use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to move between pages if the
document has multiple pages. These buttons appear at lower left below the preview.
4. Click Print. The document prints.
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