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Choosing print settings and printing
3. Specify what pages to print in the Pages text box under settings. You also can
use the drop-down list above the text box to choose one of the available settings
for the current application, such as printing the Document Properties for a Word
4. Specify how many copies to print in the Copies box. In some cases, you also can
choose to collate the printed pages.
5. Choose other print settings as desired. For example, you might change zoom
settings or print to a fi le rather than paper.
6. Click the Printer Properties link below the selected printer. The dialog box that
appears has additional print settings, as in the example shown in Figure 3.15.
Properties for the selected printer enable you to
fi ne-tune the print job even further.
7. Choose settings in the printer’s Properties dialog box as needed, and then
click OK. The Print dialog box reappears.
8. Click Print. The application prints the fi le to the specifi ed printer.
If you prefer to e-mail a i le rather than print it, you can send it from right within some of the office applications.
Select File Share Email, and then click on the desired sending format to continue the process.
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