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Working with Multiple Windows
Working with Multiple Windows
Every time you open another fi le in an Offi ce application, the fi le opens in its own fi le
window. You can have multiple programs and fi les open to help you multitask — to jump
between different jobs you’re working on and to look at information stored in a number of
different fi les and applications.
The taskbar is a band or bar that appears by default along the bottom of the Windows
desktop. A button for programs that you open appears on the taskbar in Windows 7 or 8. The
Offi ce applications work with Windows to provide you with multiple options for navigating
between open fi le and application windows, including using the taskbar.
Switching to another i le or application window
Switching to another open fi le makes it the active fi le in its application. When you use the
taskbar to switch between open fi les, Windows switches to the application for that fi le, if
applicable. You can use one of the following techniques to navigate to another fi le or
application in Offi ce and Windows:
View tab on Ribbon: To switch to another open fi le window in an application, click
the View tab on the Ribbon, click Switch Windows in the Window group, and then
click on the name of the fi le to select, as shown in the example in Figure 3.16. The
selected fi le becomes the active fi le.
Using the Ribbon to switch between open fi les.
Taskbar: If a single fi le for the application is open, click the taskbar button for
the fi le to open, which immediately makes the fi le appear in its application. If the
taskbar button represents more than one open fi le, move the mouse pointer over it.
Windows 7 and 8 display a thumbnail of each open fi le. Click the thumbnail for the
fi le you want to open to select it.
Keyboard shortcut combination: If you press and hold the Alt+Tab keyboard
shortcut, a task-switching box with an icon for each open fi le, as well as for the Windows
desktop, appears. Continue holding down the Alt key as you press and release the
Tab key until you’ve highlighted the desired fi le icon; then, release both keys. The
last fi le you selected opens on-screen in its application.
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