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Arranging windows
Arranging windows
Arranging windows sizes all the open fi les in an application and positions them so that
the fi les fi fill the available space in the application window without overlapping. (Word and
PowerPoint actually size multiple instances of the application window to fi fill the screen.)
This feature enables you to review and compare the information in multiple fi les more
easily, or to perform an action such as moving or copying information from one fi le to another,
as described in the next section.
The View tab of the Ribbon includes an Arrange All button in the window group. Click that
button to arrange the open fi le windows, as in the example shown in Figure 3.17. Note that
some applications also include Cascade, which stacks the open windows so that you can
switch to another window by clicking on its title bar. You also can press the Windows logo
key plus Left Arrow or Right Arrow to snap the current fi le window to the left or right half
of the screen, respectively.
Arranging fi le windows makes fi le contents more accessible.
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