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Moving and Copying Information
To arrange all the open fi le and program windows on the Windows desktop, right-click on a
blank area of the taskbar (not a taskbar button) and then click Show Windows side by side.
Moving and Copying Information
A template can save you time by providing starter content for a document, but that starter
content is not your own, unique information. When needed, you can reuse information
you’ve created in one fi le in a new fi le by moving or copying that information.
Microsoft has dedicated signifi cant effort over time to ensure that the Offi ce
applications can accept information from one to another so that users can build documents that
integrate content created from different applications. For example, you can use an Excel
worksheet to perform complicated calculations and then reuse that information in Word or
This section shows you how simple techniques enable you to work quickly and have
consistent content by moving or copying information.
See Chapter 40, “Integrating office Application Information,” to learn more specii cs about reusing information
between applications.
Understanding the Clipboard
The Windows Clipboard enables users to copy information between virtually any two
applications, as long as the applications are relatively compatible in terms of the fi le formats
they use. Windows transfers information you copy or cut from a fi le to the Clipboard, a
temporary holding area in the system’s working memory. You can paste the information
from the Clipboard into another location in the same fi le or into another fi le altogether.
The information stays on the Clipboard until you copy or paste something else or shut
down the computer.
Many Microsoft Offi ce applications actually work with Offi ce’s own version of the Clipboard,
called the Offi ce Clipboard, which improves on the capabilities of the Windows Clipboard.
Whereas the Windows Clipboard can hold only one copied or cut item, the Offi ce Clipboard
(Figure 3.18) can hold up to 24.
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