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Selecting information
Multiple cut or copied items appear on the Offi ce Clipboard for pasting.
Selecting information
Before you can copy or cut information to place it in the Clipboard, you have to select, or
highlight, the information. Most users today prefer to use the mouse to select text or other
on-screen content by clicking on it or dragging over it. Although selection methods can
vary between Offi ce applications, here are some basic techniques to know:
In Word, drag over text to select it. Word also offers a variety of shortcut
techniques, such as double-clicking on a word to select it, or triple-clicking on a
paragraph to select the whole paragraph.
In applications that use text placeholders, such as PowerPoint and Publisher, click
on the placeholder to select or activate it, and then drag over the specifi c text to
In Excel worksheets and Access tables, drag diagonally over cells to select the group
of cells. For example, in Figure 3.19, you can see that the range A4:E8 is selected
because the heavy black cell selector appears around the selected range, and the
row and column headings for the selected cells appear highlighted.
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