Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Pasting to fi nish copying and moving text enables you to deliver a powerful,
consistent message by combining information you’ve developed in a variety of
To paste directly:
1. Click to position the insertion point at the location in which you want to paste the
item. Switch to the fi le fi rst, if needed. In some cases, you might have to click within
a text placeholder fi rst. In Excel, click the upper-left cell in the range to paste to.
2. Perform the paste. As when copying or cutting, you can use one of three
techniques to issue the Paste command:
Press Ctrl+V.
Click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and then click the top portion of the Paste
button in the Clipboard group.
Right-click on the location where you want the selection inserted, and then
click on one of the buttons under Paste Options in the shortcut menu.
3. (Optional) Click the Paste Options button, which appears at the lower-right
corner of the pasted selection, and choose one of the formatting or other
options that appears.
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