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anyway. If you see a wavy red underline underneath a word, right-click on the word. As
shown in Figure 3.24, you can then click on a correction in the shortcut menu that appears
to replace the typo with the correction, or click Add to Dictionary so that the word is no
longer fl agged as a misspelling.
Right-click on any word with a red wavy outline and then click on a correction.
If you’ve fi nished creating the document and have moved on to the fi ne-tuning stage, you
should always run a complete spell check to catch any typos that you might have missed
earlier. Use these steps to run the check, and use the most common options for dealing
with potential misspellings:
1. Press Ctrl+Home. This step moves to the beginning of the document so that the
spell-checking operation will start from there.
2. Click the Review tab on the Ribbon.
3. Click Spelling & Grammar (Word) or Spelling (other apps) in the Proofi ng
group. The Spelling pane appears with the fi rst potential misspelling highlighted,
as shown in Figure 3.25. Some applications enable you to start a spelling check
simply by pressing F7.
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