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Working with User Accounts
Style choices work with an Offi ce feature called Live Preview . When you move your mouse
pointer over a choice in a gallery like the one shown in Figure 3.28, the selected object
temporarily changes to show you how it would look if you applied the highlighted style.
In this way, you can quickly “try on” various looks for the selected item. When the Live
Preview shows you the look you want, you can click the selected style to apply it to the
selected item.
If you prefer not to use the Live Preview feature, you can turn it off. Click the File tab and click Options, and then
clear the Enable Live Preview check box in the General options.
Working with User Accounts
As you learned in Chapter 1, Offi ce is set up to work with the Microsoft account you use to
sign on to Windows 8 (or an Offi ce365 account) so that you can take full advantage of cloud
features such as SkyDrive and be able to access your information no matter what device
you’re using. If you’re using Windows 7, you should still sign in to your Offi ce applications
with an account, even though one is not needed for signing in to your operating system
user account.
You may need to work with multiple online accounts in Offi ce to access different storage
locations, e-mail accounts, or social media accounts. Or you may want to have separate
accounts for work and personal information. Here’s a brief description of how to add and
select accounts in Offi ce.
Even if you have Windows 8 (or even Windows 7) set up with multiple user accounts, Offi ce
by default only uses the one that you were fi rst signed on to when you started and set up
the program. If you have other Microsoft accounts already set up with or Live
.com a nd need to switch the account you’re using in Offi ce for the fi rst time, follow these
1. Click your user name at the upper-right corner of the Offi ce window, and then
click Switch account.
2. In the Sign in to Offi ce box, click either Personal or Organization or School. If
you need to sign in with your Offi ce365 user name, click Organization or School.
As discussed in Chapter 39, signing in with your Offi ce365 credentials enables
you to sync fi les with a SkyDrive Pro online library or access your Offi ce365 team
SharePoint online.
3. Enter your user name and password at the Sign in screen that appears, and
then click Sign in. Your new account information appears.
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