Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
After you switch accounts the fi rst time during a work session, Offi ce “remembers” the
previous account you used and makes switching easier. When you click your user name and
click Switch account, Offi ce displays an Account window with your Current account and a
list of Other accounts. Click the desired account under Other accounts to switch back to
that account without having to re-enter your sign-in information.
You now should have a good grounding in tasks common to most of the Offi ce applications.
At this point, you should know how to:
Create, save, open, and close fi les.
Check out how a fi le will look when printed, how to tweak page and printer
settings, and how to print.
Work in multiple fi les and applications, move easily between different fi les and
programs, and how to move or copy information from one fi le or program to another.
Polish a document by replacing text, spell checking, making automatic corrections
and formatting changes, and viewing and using the sophisticated styles offered in
some Offi ce 2013 applications.
Switch user accounts.
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