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Chapter 4: Diving Into Document Creation
Diving Into Document Creation
Making a new blank file or using a template
Reopening a saved document
Saving a document
Reviewing file formats and compatibility issues
Navigating in a document and selecting text
Using Word’s various views
When a coach teaches someone a new sport, he or she starts with the fundamentals. Eager
students often want to skip the basics — especially when in a rush to be productive with
new software — and what they miss out on learning now can trip them up later. This
chapter starts with the essential skills that will serve you well every time you work with Word
2013. If you’re new to Word, this chapter makes getting started painless. If you’ve been using
Word for years, you may not only pick up some tricks you previously missed, but also get an
introduction to a few new features in the latest version of Word. You also explore creating fi les,
saving and reopening fi les, navigating in the text and making selections, and viewing
Creating a Blank File
When you start the Word 2013 application, the upper-left choice in the collection of templates that
appears is Blank document. Selecting it creates a new, blank document fi le by default for you. (The
actual name of the template applied to new, blank fi les is Normal.dotm .) This document fi le has
the placeholder name Document1 until you save it to assign a more specifi c name, as described later
in the chapter. You can immediately start entering content into this blank document.
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