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Typing text
If you need another blank document at any time after starting Word, you can create it by
following these steps:
1. Select File
New. The New Document dialog box appears.
2. Click the Blank Document tile. See Figure 4.1.
Clicking Ctrl+N also creates a new, blank fi le directly.
Click this tile or icon to create a blank fi le.
Typing text
When you create a new, blank document, you can begin typing text to fi fill the page. As you
type, each character appears to the left of the blinking vertical insertion point. You can
use the Backspace and Delete keys to delete text, the Spacebar to enter spaces, and all the
other keys that you’re using for typing.
Word also enables you to start a line of text anywhere on the page using the Click and Type
feature. To take advantage of Click and Type, move the mouse pointer over a blank area of
the page. If you don’t see formatting symbols below the I-beam mouse pointer, click once.
This enables Click and Type and displays its special mouse pointer. Then, you can
doubleclick to position the pointer on the page and type your text. Figure 4.2 shows snippets of
text added to a page using Click and Type.
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