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Using word wrap
Double-click and type anywhere on the page.
Click and Type
mouse pointer
Click and Type only works in the Print Layout view, so to learn more about that view, see the section called “Choosing
the Right Word View for the Task at Hand” later in this chapter. Changing to another view does not remove the Click
and Type text positioning, even though it might appear in a view such as Outline view. The document will look the
same when you change back to Print Layout view.
Using word wrap
By default, the margins for a blank document in Word 2013 are 1 inch on the left and the
right. When you type enough text to fi fill each line, hitting the right margin boundary, Word
automatically moves the insertion point to the next line. This automated feature is called
word wrap , and it’s a heck of a lot more convenient than having to make a manual carriage
return at the end of each line.
If you adjust the margins for the document, word wrap always keeps your text within the
new margin boundaries. Similarly, if you apply a right indent, divide the document into
columns, or create a table and type in a table cell, word wrap automatically creates a new
line of text at every right boundary. Just keep typing until you want or need to start a new
paragraph (covered shortly). Later chapters cover changing margins and indents and
working with tables and columns.
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