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Reviewing available document templates
look carefully at Figure 4.5, you’fill see a small pushpin icon to the right of the Welcome to
Word template name. That means that item is pinned to stay on the list of templates. To pin
or unpin a template, point to its thumbnail, move the mouse pointer over the pushpin icon,
and click the icon to toggle it to be pinned or unpinned.
Common templates you might want to pin to the list include:
Blog post: This creates a new document based on Blog.dotx , a special template
that’s designed for blog entries.
Single spaced (blank): This creates a new document based on the Single
spaced.dotx template, with a Normal style that lacks extra spacing after
paragraphs. If you choose this template, you have to press Enter twice to create
paragraphs, as in older versions of Word.
To create a blank document based on Normal.dotm , you could simply press Ctrl+N,
bypassing the need to choose the New command.
It is possible to update the Normal.dotm template i le on your system with custom content and text, but most
experts don’t recommend doing so. Keeping Normal.dotm clean and lean enables you to always start with a clean
document slate when you need to.
Online templates
Virtually all of the templates in Word 2013 exist in the cloud rather than being installed on
your computer. In addition to the suggested templates shown when you click File
you can scroll down to see and select additional templates. Any template that you select is
downloaded to your system and stored there for future use.
If you don’t see a template that suits your needs, you can search online for additional
templates. You can type a search word or phrase in the Search online templates text box above
the templates and press Enter to begin a search. Or you can click one of the Suggested
searches links below the Search online templates text box, such as Cards. After the search
runs, scroll down to view additional results, or use the Filter by list at the right (see
Figure 4.6) to refi ne the results.
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