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Opening an Existing File
However, the Recent fi les list is dynamic, so if your document no longer appears there, you
will need to navigate to it and open it from the location where you saved it. (The next
section covers saving.) You can save documents to and open them from one of two overall
locations from the Open screen:
Computer: Clicking Computer displays Recent Folders that have been used for
storing documents, which is by default set as your user My Documents folder (part of
the Documents library by default) and Desktop folder (fi les on the desktop). If you
click either of those folders or the Browse button, the Open dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 4.8. You can use it to navigate to other locations, including shared
folders on your local network.
You can open fi les stored on your computer or network.
Click to use the Open
dialog box to find
another folder, disk,
or location
Click to use
your SkyDrive
Default folders
for documents
Even select another
location on your
SkyDrive: Microsoft hosts SkyDrive cloud storage. When you create a Microsoft
account to sign in to Windows, your account automatically includes your own
SkyDrive storage. To take advantage of that storage from within Word, sign in to
Word with your Microsoft account information, and click your SkyDrive in the
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