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Converting to another format
You might notice added behavior in the Save As dialog box when you select certain fi le
types. For example, if you click Word Template, the folder specifi ed for the save changes
automatically. This is because storing your Offi ce templates in a centralized location makes
them easier to use. In an example like this, it’s usually best to stick with the change
suggested in the Save As dialog box and just click Save.
Use the Save as type drop-down to select another fi le format.
Most other word processing programs can open a Rich Text Format or Plain Text document. Even spreadsheet and
database programs can open plain text i les that are set up correctly with delimiters (characters such as commas
used to separate each i eld or “column” of data). The OpenDocument Text format comes in handy when sharing with
users of such freeware tools as Openoffice. If you don’t see the specii c format requested by someone who needs
your i le on the Save as type list, try one of these three formats.
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