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Compatibility with Previous Versions of Word
Using Export
If you need to save a fi le in another common format, you might choose to use the
Change File Type command instead. As shown in Figure 4.11, choosing this
command opens an Export screen with a Change File Type list at the right. Word gives a
small description of each of the fi le types there to make it easier to select the right one.
Click the format to use, and then click Save As. Word opens the Save As dialog box with the
specifi ed format already selected for Save as type. From there, specify a fi le name and save
location as usual, and click Save.
Learn more about and choose an alternate save format on the Export screen.
Compatibility with Previous Versions of Word
Between the 97 and 2003 versions of Word, the .doc fi le format remained basically
unchanged. Feature enhancements, such as document versioning and fl oating tables,
necessitated some modifi cations to the fi le format.
Even so, you can still open most Word 2003 fi les in Word 97 and the documents will look
basically the same. Only if you use newer features will you see a difference, and
usually that just means reduced functionality rather than lost data or formatting. However,
when it comes to post-2003 versions of Word, fi le format changes introduce meaningful
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