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Persistent Save As
translation, even though WordPerfect claims to be able to work with Word’s .doc format.
Such documents seldom look identical or print identically, and the larger and more complex
they are, the more different they look.
With Word’s adoption of an open formatting standard, it is possible for WordPerfect and
other programs to more correctly interpret how any given .docx fi le should be displayed.
Just as the same web page looks and prints nearly identically when viewed in different web
browsers, a Word .docx fi le should look and print nearly identically regardless of which
program you use to open it (assuming it supports Word’s .docx format).
Persistent Save As
If, despite the advantages of using the new format, you choose to use Word’s .doc format,
you can do so. Choose File Options Save tab. As shown in Figure 4.13, set Save fi les in
this format to Word 97–2003 Document ( *.doc ).
You can tell Word to save in any of a variety of formats by default.
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