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button. Make sure that Macro Settings is selected at the left side of the menu and that the Disable
all macros with notifi cation option is selected. With this setting enabled as it is by default, you will
be prompted about whether to enable macros when you open a fi le that has them, as shown here.
Because Word 2003 documents can contain legitimate macros, there is no outward way to
know whether any given .doc document fi le contains macros. If someone sends you
a .doc fi le, is opening it safe?
Though it’s not clear that the new approach — distinct fi le extensions for documents and
templates that are macro-enabled — is going to improve safety a lot, it does provide more
information for the user. This is true especially in business environments, where people
don’t deliberately change fi le extensions. If you see a fi le with a .docm or .dotm
extension, you know that it likely contains macros, and that it might warrant careful handling.
If you want to convert a .docx fi le so that it can contain macros, you must use Save As
and choose Word Macro-Enabled Document as the fi le type. You can do this at any time —
it doesn’t have to be when the document is fi rst created. You can also remove any macros
from a .docm fi le by saving it as a Word document (* .docx ).
Even so, you can create or record a macro while editing a .docx fi le, and even tell Word to
store it in a .docx fi le. There will be no error message, and the macro will be available for
running in the current session. However, when you fi rst try to save the fi le, you will be
prompted to change the target format or risk losing the VBA project. If you save the fi le as
a .docx anyway and close the fi le, the macro will not be saved.
Navigation and Selection Tips and Tricks
Bible readers already know the basics of using the Windows interface, so this topic skips the
stuff that I think every Windows user already knows about, and instead covers aspects of
Word you might not know about. In our great hurry to get things done, ironically, we often
overlook simple tricks and tips that might otherwise make our computing lives easier and
more effi cient.
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