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Using the Navigation pane
Use the Navigation pane to move around a long document quickly.
Once you’ve displayed the pane, here’s how to use it:
Move between headings: Click HEADINGS under the Search document text box,
and then click the heading to jump to in the document. For example, in Figure 4.16,
I’ve jumped to the “House Divided Speech” heading. Click the top bar to go back to
the beginning of the document.
Move between pages: Click PAGES to display page-by-page thumbnails of the
document in the pane, scroll down the thumbnails, and then click the thumbnail for the
page to go to.
Search and move between results: This technique involves searching for text,
displaying the RESULTS, and navigating to the found matches.
Clear the Navigation Pane check box or select the pane’s Close (X) button to close the
Navigation pane.
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