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Read Mode and object zoom
You can customize Draft view to use a plainer font.
Read Mode and object zoom
Read Mode, new in Word 2013, displays a limited number of tools, zooms the document to
a larger size, and repaginates it for reading. You can’t edit document text in this view, but
you can move and resize other objects, such as pictures. Use the arrow buttons to the left
and right of the text to page through the text. (This latter functionality seems tailor made
for touch-enabled devices.) Use this mode’s View menu to change some of the on-screen
features. For example, as shown in Figure 4.19, you can choose another page background
color to make your eyes more comfortable while reading. You also can display and hide the
Navigation pane or Comments, change Column with, or change the overall Layout
of the view. The Tools menu enables you to fi nd document contents or search the web with
Microsoft’s Bing for a highlighted text selection.
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