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Read Mode and object zoom
Kick back and enjoy your document’s contents in Read Mode.
Change viewing options for
the mode on this menu
Click to navigate
between pages
One great feature of the Read Mode view is that it enables you to zoom in on graphics in
the document. Double-click a graphic to display the zoomed version of it, as shown in
Figure 4.20. Clicking the button with the magnifying glass at the upper-right corner of the
zoomed content zooms in one more time. To close the zoomed object, press Esc or click
outside it on the page.
If you want, you can use the Auto-hide Reading Toolbar button at the upper-right to hide
even the few menus in the view. From there, you can click the three dots near the upper-right
to temporarily redisplay the tools, or click Always Show Reading Toolbar to toggle them
back on.
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