Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Web Layout
Double-click a graphic to zoom in on it in Read Mode.
To exit Read Mode, you can click the Print Layout view button on the Status bar, or press
Esc. In some cases, when Always Show Reading Toolbar is not toggled on, you may need to
press Esc twice to exit Read Mode.
In addition to the arrow buttons on the screen, Read Mode offers a variety of ways to scroll the document pages:
Page Down/Page Up, Space/Shift+Space, Enter/Shift+Enter, Right/Left arrow keys, Down/Up arrow keys, and the
scroll wheel on your mouse.
Web Layout
Web Layout is designed for composing and reviewing documents that will be viewed online
rather than printed. Hence, information such as page and section numbers is excluded
from the status bar. If the document contains hyperlinks, they are displayed underlined by
default. Background colors, pictures, and textures are also displayed.
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