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Outline (Master Document tools)
Outline (Master Document tools)
The fi nail distinct Word view is Outline (View
Outline). Outlining is one of Word’s
most powerful and least-used tools for writing and organizing your documents. Using
Word’s Heading styles is one way to take advantage of this tremendous resource. Heading
levels one through nine are available through styles named Heading 1 through Heading
9. You don’t need to use all nine levels — most users fi nd that the fi rst three or four are
adequate for most structured documents. If your document is organized with the built-in
heading levels, then a wonderful world of document organization is at your fi ngertips.
As an outline manager, this view can be used on any document with heading styles that
are tied to outline levels. (If you don’t want to use Word’s built-in Heading styles, you can
use other styles and assign them to different outline levels. Additionally, you can build a
document from the headings found in Outline view. You can expand and collapse text to
focus on different sections of the document as you work, or to see an overview of how the
topics in your document are fl owing. Click Outlining
Close Outline View to fi nish
working with outlining.
As suggested by the title of this section, Outline view has a split personality, of sorts.
Outline view’s other personality includes the Master Document tools. As shown in
Figure 4.21, if you click Show Document in the Master Document group of the Outlining
Ribbon tab, additional tools appear.
Click Show Document in the Master Document group to display the Master Document tools.
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