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Resume Reading
Resume Reading
Word 2013 includes a new Resume Reading feature. When you reopen a document you were
previously editing, and the insertion point was on a page beyond page 1 when you closed
the fi le, a prompt appears at the right side of the screen asking if you want to go back to
the page you were last working on, as shown in Figure 4.22. Click the pop-up to go to the
specifi ed location. If you don’t initially click the message, it shrinks to a smaller pop-up
with a bookmark icon on it. You can move the mouse over it or click it to redisplay the
message, and then click to jump to the later spot in the document. Scrolling the document
makes the pop-up disappear.
Click the pop-up to return to the page you were last working on before you close the
Showing and hiding rulers
Another sometimes-overlooked tool is the ruler. It’s useful for aligning and positioning text
and other objects, which you’fill learn about in later chapters. The ruler toggles on and off
via the View
Ruler check box.
Splitting the view
Choose View Window Split to divide the document window into two equal panes.
This feature comes in handy when you need to look at a table or a fi gure on one page of a
document while you write about it on another page.
As another example, you might want to have one view of your document in one pane while
using another view in the other, as shown in Figure 4.23. When viewing a document in two
split panes, note that the status bar refl ects the status of the currently active pane. Not
only can you display different views in multiple panes, but you can display them at
different zoom levels as well.
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