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Formatting Characters Directly or with Styles
Font formatting might suggest for many people just changing from one font or typestyle
design (for example Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, or Tahoma) to another. The term
character formatting used in this topic more broadly encompasses all the formatting settings
you can change for characters, but because Word positions all of these settings in a group
called Font, as shown in Figure 5.1, font formatting and character formatting have come to
be used interchangeably. It helps, however, to think in terms of character formatting, as a
character is the smallest thing you can format in Word.
Find many character or font formatting settings in the Home tab’s Font group.
You also may see the term text level formatting in the Word interface; this term means the same thing as character
Note also that the Font group in the Home tab does not offer all the available character-level
formatting. For example, the Font group doesn’t include a tool for changing character
spacing. In addition, the Font group’s Change Case button (its menu has Sentence case,
lowercase, and other commands) doesn’t change formatting at all. Changing capitalization
is distinct from applying the Small caps and All caps character formatting settings to text.
Formatting Characters Directly or with Styles
Word includes paragraph styles and character styles. Paragraph styles can be applied only
to a whole paragraph. Character styles provide formatting fl exibility so that users can
apply a style to characters within a paragraph. For example, you can create a style for all
the article titles used within a document, or all the phone numbers, or all the web page
addresses. Character styles enable you to distinguish one type of formal text from the
surrounding paragraph text, and to do so consistently throughout the document.
A third type of style is a linked style . A linked style can behave like either a character or
paragraph style, depending on the circumstances. If you have one or more entire words
selected, selecting a linked style applies the style’s character formatting to the selected
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