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Applying Character Formatting
The commandment is this: If the formatting is something you will need to repeatedly apply to
certain categories of text (such as book titles, programming commands, product names, jargon,
and so on), create a character style and use it.
If conversely the use is ad hoc and not something for which you’fill have a recurring need,
then go ahead and use direct formatting. For example, when you’re writing a letter or
memo, you may want to use bold or italics for emphasis. In those cases, using direct
formatting fi ts the bill.
To streamline using styles, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to some of them. From Word Options (File ➪ Options),
select the Customize Ribbon tab and click the Customize button beside Keyboard shortcuts. Choose Styles in the
Categories list. Click the desired style in the Styles list, click in the Press new shortcut key text box, press the
desired keys (the exact combination you want to assign, such as Alt+9 or Ctrl+Shift+F7), and then click Assign. Click
Close to close the Customize Keyboard dialog box, and then click OK to close the Word Options dialog box.
Applying Character Formatting
There are at least six ways of directly applying various kinds of character formatting:
Using the Font group on the Home tab of the Ribbon
Using the Font dialog box (Ctrl+D or Ctrl+Shift+F, or click the Font group dialog box
Using the Mini Toolbar (hover the mouse over selected text)
Using keyboard shortcuts (See Table 5.1 later in this chapter or the topic Keyboard
shortcuts for Microsoft Word in Word Help to learn about shortcuts beyond those
presented in this chapter.)
Using the Font group’s tools or buttons added to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
Using the Language tool on the status bar
This section describes these methods and gives a sense of which ones to use. A lot depends
on your working style, but your choice can also depend on what you happen to be doing. On
any given day many users may take advantage of at least fi ve of the six methods.
Formatting techniques
To apply character formatting, you have three basic options:
As you go method: Apply formatting before you start typing a word or passage,
and then turn it off when you’re done. For example, click the Bold button in the
Font group of the Home tab, type a word, and then click the Bold button again.
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