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Applying Character Formatting
Copying formatting
If you don’t want to use a character style but still need to apply numerous formatting
settings to selected text, you can use one of two common methods for copying
formatting: the Format Painter and the shortcut key combinations for copying and
pasting formatting. Note that these tools aren’t limited to direct formatting. They’fill work
with style formatting as well.
Format painter
To use the Format Painter, click or drag to select the text with the formatting you want to
copy. If you want to clone that formatting just once, click the Format Painter button in
the Clipboard group on the Home tab, shown in Figure 5.3. If you want to apply that
formatting multiple times, double-click the Format Painter. The mouse pointer changes to
include a paintbrush.
Use the Format Painter in the Clipboard group to copy formatting.
Format Painter
Formatting of selected text is copied
Mouse pointer
includes a paint
To copy the formatting to a single word, double-click the word. Otherwise, drag over
the destination text to format. If you double-clicked the Format Painter, repeat making
selections until you’re done applying the copied formatting. Press Esc or click the Format
Painter again to deactivate it.
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