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Applying Character Formatting
If you are copying character formatting to a single word with Format Painter, you often can also simply click the
destination word. However, if you accidentally click on a space between words, the formatting does not copy, so I’ve
used double-click in the above instructions. Also note that if the text formatting you have copied is actually a
paragraph or linked style, clicking or double-clicking with Format Painter active reformats the whole paragraph.
Keyboard method
If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts for your formatting work where possible, use this
method to copy and paste formatting:
1. Select the text with the formatting to copy.
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+C. This keyboard shortcut copies the formatting of the selected
3. Select the text on which you want to paste the copied formatting.
4. Press Ctrl+Shift+V. Word pastes the formatting on the selected text.
When reformatting entire paragraphs with copied character formatting, be sure that when you select the text with
the formatting to copy, you select the paragraph mark. The paragraph mark stores paragraph-level formatting such
as line spacing and spacing before and after paragraphs. To ensure that your selection includes the paragraph mark,
triple-click the paragraph or move the mouse into the left margin until the arrow pointer tilts right and double-click.
Clearing formatting
Clearing formatting removes formatting from text. There are two degrees of clearing
Clearing direct character formatting only and returning the text to its
underlying style: To clear text in this way, select it and then press Ctrl+Spacebar
on the keyboard. Alternately, you can reapply the style via the Styles gallery in the
Styles group of the Home tab or the Styles pane you saw earlier in Figure 5.2. By
default, reapplying the style clears direct formatting.
Clearing all formatting and returning the text to the Normal style: After you
select the text to return to the Normal style, click the Clear Formatting button in
the Font group of the Home tab, shown in Figure 5.4. You also can click Clear All at
the top of the Styles pane. Using these commands is the equivalent of copying a
selection to the Clipboard and then using Home Clipboard Paste arrow Paste
Unformatted Text to paste it back into the document.
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