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Using the Font group on the Home tab
As noted earlier, the font defi nes the overall appearance or style of text lettering. The fonts
you apply are key to a document’s appearance, formality, and readability. Windows includes
dozens of built-in fonts you can apply in your documents, and you can fi nd literally
thousands more online that you can buy and install.
Use the Font drop-down list at the left end of the top row of the Font group of the Home
tab to apply another font to selected text. Click the control’s down arrow, scroll to
display the available fonts, point to a font to see a Live Preview (refer to Figure 5.6), and
then click the font to apply.
Limit the number of fonts used in a document to two or three to achieve a consistent look. Generally speaking, use
one font for headings, one for body text, and one for special elements that you might want to emphasize, such as
quotes or sidebars.
If you have purchased or other acquired unique fonts and installed them on your system, keep in mind that other
users with whom you share documents may not have those fonts. When a document uses such a font, the text
formatted with that font may not display or print correctly on other users’ systems. To help avoid such problems, you can
embed the fonts used in a document when saving. To turn on font embedding, choose File ➪ Options ➪ Save. Under
Preserve i delity when sharing this document, click the Embed fonts in the i le check box to check it. To embed only
needed characters, also check Embed only the characters used in the document (best for reducing i le size). You also
can leave Do not embed common system fonts checked. Click OK to apply the settings change.
Font size
Font or Point Size controls the height of the font, generally measured in points. A point
1/72 of an inch, so 12 points would be 12/72 (or 1/6) of an inch. For Word, a font set’s
point size is the vertical distance from the top of the highest ascending character to the
bottom of the lowest descending character.
Use the Font Size drop-down list just to the right of the Font control in the Font group of
the Ribbon to choose a size for selected text. You aren’t limited to the range of sizes you
see in the Font Size drop-down list. Word can go as low as one point and as high as 1,638
points. Plus, you can set the height in increments of half a point. Hence, a point size of
1637.5 is perfectly valid. To apply a size not included in the drop-down list, select the
number shown in the Font Size control, type a new size, and press Enter.
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