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Using the Font group on the Home tab
The ScreenTips for the Font and Font Size controls give shortcut key combinations of Ctrl+Shift+F and Ctrl+Shift+P,
respectively, for the tools. These shortcut key combos do not activate the tools on the Ribbon. Instead, the shortcuts
open the Font dialog box and you can select the applicable formatting setting there.
Increase font size and decrease font size
You also can change text size with the Increase Font Size and Decrease Font Size tools
(which are the two A buttons immediately to the right of the Font and Font Size tools in
Figure 5.5). If you hover the mouse pointer over these you’fill also learn that they both have
shortcuts, Ctrl+Shift+. (the period character) and Ctrl+Shift+’ (the apostrophe character),
The ScreenTips actually identify the shortcut key combinations as Ctrl+> and Ctrl+<, and technically that’s right
because > and < are a shifted period and comma, respectively. Presenting them both ways here will help you know
exactly what keys to press.
If you click the drop-down arrow next to the Font Size tool, you’fill notice that the font sizes
listed do not consistently increase by twos. Instead, they go from 8 to 12 in increments of
one, then from 12 to 28 in increments of two, and then leap to 36, 48, and 72. The Increase
and Decrease Font Size tools follow the listed increments.
If you want a fi ner degree of control (for example, when you’re trying to make text as large
as possible without spilling onto an additional page), you should know about two additional
default shortcut keys: Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]. These two commands shrink or enlarge the selected
characters by one point. The extra granularity often is just what you need to fi nd the
largest possible font you can fi t inside a given space, such as a page, table, or text box.
Working with text color
Word has three color settings that you can apply at the character level:
Font Color: The color of the characters themselves
Shading: The color of the background immediately behind the text
Text Highlight Color: The electronic equivalent of those neon-colored felt markers
you use to focus your attention on key points buried within text
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