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Using the Font group on the Home tab
Despite its position in the Paragraph group of the Home tab, shading can be applied to a
selection of characters.
Text Highlight Color
The Text Highlight Color control — more generally known as the highlighter — is shown just
to the left of the Font Color control in Figure 5.7. It actually has four modes of operation.
Most people are aware of one mode or another, but not all four.
One method is to select text and then click the Text Highlight Color button in the Font
group. This method, which directly applies the currently selected highlight color to the
selected text, is the one that most users know and use. To change the highlight color, click
the drop-down arrow and click a color in the gallery.
If you use this i rst highlight method, Word undoes the selection after you apply highlighting. This can be irritating if
you use the wrong color, but if you immediately press Ctrl+Z or click Undo, Word not only undoes the highlighting, it
also reselects that section of text so you can take another stab at highlighting it.
A second method is to select the fi rst area of text to highlight and then turn the
highlighter on by double-clicking the Text Highlight Color button; and then to use the
mouse to drag over additional areas you want highlighted. The highlighter mouse pointer
applies the currently selected highlight color and stays active until you click the Text
Highlight Color button again, or until you press the Esc key.
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