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Using the Font group on the Home tab
A third method can be used to apply highlighting to all occurrences of a given word or
phrase in a document, using the most recently applied highlighting color:
1. Click the arrow for the Find button in the Editing group of the Home tab, and
click Advanced Find. The Find dialog box opens.
2. Type the word or phrase to highlight in the Find what text box.
3. Click Reading Highlight Highlight All, as shown in Figure 5.9. The fi gure
also illustrates the result of applying the reading highlight to the specifi ed word,
nation. Several instances of the word are highlighted throughout the document.
Note that you can use the Clear Highlighting choice on the Reading Highlight
drop-down to remove the highlighting from the specifi ed word or phrase.
Use Find to apply a reading highlight to every occurrence of a word or phrase in
your document.
4. Click Close. The Find and Replace dialog box closes.
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