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Using the Font group on the Home tab
Language is included among the attributes associated with a character style.
In many cases, Word correctly recognizes text from an installed language and formats it as
such, but if not, you can set the language for selected text using the Language tool on the
status bar. If you don’t see the tool on the status bar, then right-click the status bar, click
to enable Language, and then press Esc.
To open the Language dialog box to change settings for the selected text, click the
language displayed on the status bar. Among the Language tool’s more useful features is
the Do not check spelling or grammar setting (see Figure 5.11), which you can apply to text.
This can be handy for technical jargon and programming keywords that you might not want
Conversely, the Detect language automatically check box can be a real troublemaker.
With that setting turned on, it’s possible for text to unintentionally be tagged as some
other language, resulting in large sections of text being fl agged as misspelled. If the
corresponding proofi ng tools are not installed, the text is not checked at all. This can leave
large sections of text unintentionally unchecked. You should turn that setting off unless
you actually need it. It is enabled by default!
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